teens can handle the truth

Starbucks thrives on Gen Z’s love of iced drinks

Warner Bros Discovery has poor diversity record

Germany’s super cheap public transport cuts traffic

China’s Gen Z faces disappointing job market

Teen pregnancy and violence burden Salvadoran girls

Women’s Tour de France is victory for equality

Arab countries aim to become esports power

Ukraine war is like no other conflict in history

Heat waves are breaking records around the world


‘Invictus’ gives an inspiring take on Mandela’s leadership

Norway is green at home but a huge fossil exporter

Central banks have lost credibility after inflation miss

Air pollution in New Delhi cuts life expectancy by 10 years

Tampon shortage hits the US amid supply disruptions

World is raising production of nuclear weapons

Soccer’s growing more than hockey in the US

Thai farmers use cannabis to increase chicken production

AI is set to change the world like electricity did last century

KFC changes recipe in Australia amid lettuce shortage

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun may signal Hollywood shift on China

Global South distrusts US’s leadership on Ukraine

China’s growth slows amid Xi Jinping’s policies

Unilever stops sexist ad campaign in Uganda

US school shootings - quick numbers

Global number of displaced people reaches record high

AI can help make up for humans’ imperfect reasoning

Celebrities for crypto have gone quiet after price drops

Heatwaves in India, Pakistan raise need for heat action plans

Car sales in Shanghai sink to zero in April amid lockdowns

NATO wins back central role with Finland, Sweden additions

Europe leads way in setting rules for online platforms

Gay guests not welcome at Qatar’s World Cup hotels

World’s Ukraine focus disrupts aid to other countries in crisis

US abortion debate – quick facts and background

New Zealand’s sea level rising faster than forecast

Ammonia is the modern world’s ‘most important material’

Ireland’s Sinn Féin gains popularity

Tel Aviv fights traffic and pollution with e-scooters

Latin Americans are becoming less Catholic

Australians are required by law to vote in coming elections

Global military spending increases to highest ever

Depression, self-harm, suicides rise among teens in US

French and Slovenian voters reject far-right leaders

Smartphone demand suffers from Omicron and inflation

Researchers find way to reverse age in human cells

Real-life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is now into crypto

War crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity – definitions

Warhol may surpass Picasso as the GOAT of modern art

France’s unpredictable election ads to EU stress

Vertical farming is becoming a hot trend

Russian gains economic strength thanks to energy sales

Humans’ geometry skills may be unique

‘The West’ – a definition

Nordic countries' image stained by unethical businesses

Troubles caused by Omicron and Russia are mounting

India keeps alliance with Russia despite Ukraine war

Air pollution prompted emergency in London, Brussels

Apple’s iPhone may join subscription trend

Great Barrier Reef suffers sixth mass bleaching event

Cobalt’s strategic importance lures US, China to Congo


‘Thirteen Days’ is a lesson on how nuclear war was avoided

Government aid to poor countries helps rich businesses

Finland tops world happiness ranking again

Egypt promotes its new discovery of ancient tombs

Migration to US to increase amid inflation in Central America

Robots are on the rise, helped by five key factors

Data from Internet-connected cars is big business

‘Default’ is in the news again, this time in Russia

Use the W.W.W. method against social media anxiety

Anti-war Russians used emojis to evade government surveillance

Teen creators are cashing in on NFT boom

Scientists develop lab-made chocolate from cacao cells


‘The Godfather’ turns 50 and stays relevant

Covid’s key numbers after two years of pandemic

Russia becomes world’s most sanctioned country

South Korea’s ‘Squid Game Election’ is on

UK girls are quitting sports due to social pressures


‘Show Your Work’ changed my life

Quick guide to 2022’s key economic terms

Warmer oceans is the new normal

China’s 2022 political meetings could make history

McDonald’s raising burger prices in Japan

Wildlife species help fight climate change

New dog robot is designed to help seniors

Hackers are key soldiers in Ukraine-Russia war

Anxiety is destroying students

Colombia legalizes abortion

Russia’s attack on Ukraine

AI is helping work to save biodiversity

Argentina fires cause huge damage to farming land

‘Like a shadow or a light, I will traverse the universe’

Gen Z shoppers are more green-minded in India than in US and UK

Japan’s vending machines sell love, snacks and more

Global democracy continues decline

European energy prices climb to historic highs


‘At Night All Blood is Black’ gives take on war and colonialism

AI is changing how you should approach job applications

Businesses need to look more at climate data when making decisions

Book bans are on the rise at US school libraries

Gen Zer makes history as Iraq’s first Black news anchor

Countries are lifting pandemic restrictions and stop fearing covid

Learn to be charismatic to win others’ support

EU has a shadow system to keep migrants out

Monkey and other new species discovered in Mekong

Mars says redesign of M&M’s promotes inclusivity

Djibouti is a tiny country of huge importance

Returns are a problem for retailers and the planet

Papua New Guinea abandons death penalty


‘Lions for Lambs’ raises questions on duty and politics

Facts about electricity production and consumption

Metaverse platforms will build on today’s gaming

Teens wanted for trucker jobs in US

Background on possible global conflict in Ukraine

China’s falling births threaten country’s stability

Why some stuff can be annoying, bugging and irritating

kabul chronicle

‘It’s too cold so we need to wait for Spring’

It's too soon to call Covid endemic, WHO says

Earth is setting new heat records more frequently

Tips to help you fight distraction

Nuclear war has no winners, say China, Russia and US

Drop in birth rates is accelerating

Crypto firms are paying more to persuade politicians

More Africans are leading world organizations


‘Good Kill’ is a timely film after ‘Casualty Files’ report

More research is needed on Black youth suicide

Pipelines crisscross the world


’Poet X’ is gorgeous and inspiring

‘Squid Game’ shows Korea’s growing soft power

Inflation has become the No 1 threat

Covid fight requires more than vaccines

Reading is best in print, not on screen

Why Russia may invade Ukraine


‘Fifth Estate’ about Assange and WikiLeaks

kabul chronicle

'I don’t know what’s going to happen'

Brazil shows how to drop fossil fuels

Success – a definition

Data is the oil of this century

French nonbinary pronoun sparks debate

Christmas is made in China

Covid’s Greek names aim to avoid confusion

History’s fake news rhyme

Covid mutations causing concern

Oil prices lead to emergency measure by Biden

Sweden gets its first woman prime minister, kind of

Right-wing radicalism rises among UK youth

Cryptos continue march towards mainstream

Testosterone is key in debate on transgender athletes

Women’s tennis stands up to China

Gen Z’s income will surpass Millennials’

You’re tougher than you think

Life and work will move to the metaverse


This is Earth after global warming

Money talk nowadays is all about ‘tapering’

Lagos to become world’s biggest city

Universities fail to counter sexual misconduct

Tips for academic success

Africa will suffer most from global warming

Countries are bringing back the military draft

Attention shoppers! Expect higher prices and shortages

Insects as food is a growing market

Europe fears winter is coming

Haiti’s misfortunes began with slavery and colonialism


‘World According to Xi’ gives an intro to China

Investigation shows how politicians hide their money

The Moon is Moving Away From Earth

Wall Street banker says we must protect nature

Germany enters uncertain future after elections

‘Default’ is a word making headlines

Climate may be changing birds’ bodies

UK faces storm of economic troubles

Evergrande’s debt troubles burden the world

EU left with tough choices after US submarine deal

Food prices become global threat

Facebook knows Instagram can hurt teens

CO2 capturing station opens in Iceland

Israel prosecutes children in military courts

China gets stronger in international law

Language evolves instead of deteriorates, tbh

El Salvador is first to adopt Bitcoin as currency

More Americans identify as multiracial

How to fight procrastination

North Africa’s press freedom is hurting

Covid mutations may become new Deltas

A person could live up to 150 years

China extends limits to minors’ gaming time

Cryptocurrency addiction is growing

McDonald’s runs out of milkshakes due to Brexit

Europe follows US military lead

Ikea starts selling renewable energy

Tips for better Internet search results

change makers

Teens are creating platform for paid internships

Coffee’s history has been bumpy

Amazon makes money everywhere

Malala documentary shows Taliban horrors

July 2021 was Earth’s hottest month on record

Covid delta outbreak hurts shipping

Future of Earth’s climate is in humans’ hands

New York is getting its first woman governor


‘The Road’ helps visualize a post-apocalyptic world

The Taliban are taking back Afghanistan


Uber is failing its own non-discrimination policy

Natural gas causes friction between US and Europe

Plastic waste’s alarming numbers


‘Tyrant’ documentary gives a cheat sheet to politics

Music as a drug

Mexico wants US to keep out

Victoria’s Secret seeks to redefine what sexy is

How you react is what matters


‘Sevan’ by teen author Derek Schmitz: An excerpt

Borrowing cash helps the superrich avoid taxes

change makers

Teens Paris and Avril team up to end exclusion

WhyFI Matter$

Netflix vs Blockbuster teaches valuable lesson

South Asia’s monsoons to become more extreme

Google to suggest gender-neutral language

Color psychology plays key role in sneaker design

Getting closer to making ecocide a crime

Follow your interests and do what motivates you

Five megatrends shaping the world

Spanish Civil War teen fighter dies

Twenty companies make half the plastic waste

Some facts on menstruation

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